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Freie Arbeitsstellen und Praktikumsstellen werden auf dieser Seite angezeigt.
Über Ihre aussagekräftige Initiativbewerbung freuen wir uns ebenfalls sehr.


SpielRaum gives FreiRaum! Searching for Trainee as Educator for Kita in Berlin Mitte

We are searching for Trainees as Educator in a part time trainee program (school and practical training add up to full time) for our SpielRaum Kitas in Berlin Moabit.

Our SpielRäume (SpielRaum Perlentaucher, SpielRaum Havelsegler and SpielRaum Stephanshafen) are located in Berlin-Moabit in immediate proximity (find more about our SpielRaum Kitas by visiting, and

What you can expect:
- Professional guidance
- Our SpielRaum feel-good climate with new learning opportunities and insight in the various working areas (Kita, projects, networking) 
- Professional exchange and ethnic principles
- A definite No to xenophobia, homophobia and discrimination
- Room for own ideas, possibilities to find your own focus
- An interdisciplinary, professional team
- An inclusive carrier organization in a diverse neighborhood
- A carrier organization that is very interested in you and wants to grow and develop with you
- A Kita place for your child/children in one of our SpielRaum Kitas

What you bring to us:
- Patience and a positive view of human beings
- The willingness to learn with and from children and adults
- Joy to work independent as well as in a team
- Interest in the work with diverse families
- Reflection capability and learning readiness

If you are interested in inclusion and innovative educational concepts you are the perfect fit. We invite you to shape our Kitas continuously. With us nothing is written in stone.

Our work has social commitment and gives you the chance to think out of the box.

We look forward to meeting you!
Please apply to Ms Bierwirth under


Freie Stelle
Susanne Bierwirth
10559 Berlin

    Bei uns arbeiten bedeutet:

    • Respekt und Wertschätzung zeigen und erfahren
    • Gemeinsam das Beste wollen und geben
    • Eigene Interessen und kreative Ideen einbringen
    • Den eigenen Beruf lieben und stetig dazu lernen
    • Ungewöhnliche Lösungen lieben
    • Sich in Moabit ein bisschen zu Hause fühlen